iPic Entertainment Complex

iPic Entertaiment
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Large Screen Video Projection
Audio and Control Systems
iPic is more than a high class bowling alley but that is the major draw to the facility. When the owners came to ART wanting some video across the lanes, we right away realized flat screen monitors were not going to be impressive enough to make an impact. So we suggested making the entire 16' x 67' wall a projection screen. The outputs of the four 6000 lumen Sanyo projectors get edged blended together using a Vista Spyder and that enables the entire surface to be one image with up to four separate images imposed over it. HD broadcasts of football games look sharp and impressive as well as music videos. iPic generates graphics so how special is it when "Happy Birthday Amanda" dances across the entire screen at a special afternoon private bowling party! The computer run intelligent lighting fixtures and Bi-Amped high level audio add the party touch to the night time bowling fun.