El Conquistador Lighting

El Conquistador Resort and Spa
Puerto Rico

Lighting Design On a recent trip to Puerto Rico, A.R.T. was asked for some ideas to upgrade the lighting in the arrival lobby of the El Conquistador resort. Although the area had beautiful architectural features it was lit by compact fluorescent fixtures and at night the look was somewhat stark. A.R.T. was also presented with the added challenge of only using existing electrical infrastructure and any control wiring needed to be wireless. We were able to use ip65 RGBA wireless color changers strategically placed in existing corner sconces to wash the pavilion ceiling structures with a gentle, even color field. Wireless DMX Ellipsoidals were used to accent fountains, statues and garden features. A Crestron controlled DMX engine allowed management to program and playback scenes from an intuitive iPad interface. Take a look at the results.

Arrival lobby pre ART lighting

Arrival lobby post ART lighting