Sandals Grande Antigua

Antigua, West Indies

Resort Entertainment Systems
The Sandals Grande Antigua Resort & Spa is a beautiful all inclusive resort. Of course the guests don't get to see what goes into completing a project such as this.

Pool Tower under construction

Pool Tower completed

The resort is like a little city with water electrical and sewage needs. Multiple system are needed throughout the property such as irrigation internet and telephone lines. Entertainment audio is just a small part but it encompasses the whole property. Proper planning and execution is a must or else the systems don't get put in place and the resort suffers.

ART works with the client, interior designers and architects to generate CAD drawings. But that is just the start. You are sure to see one of the companies principals, Chris or Paul on site to make sure the infrastructure gets in place and the installation is done properly. We never hand off a project to underlings or subs like some companies do. It makes no sense for a company's owners to stop doing the work they were so good at, the work which made them successful.

Chris on Job Site