"The Ride"

The Marketing firm of O'Connell and Goldberg in Miami have come up with the sales tool of the future in high-end real estate.  They have branded it as "The Ride".
Synchronized audio, video, dramatic lighting and other elements are utilized to guide prospective buyers through a model amid scene changes that replicate what homeowners will experience in their new residence.  We here at ART refer to it as a Disney Ride for Grownups.  ART has worked with O'Connell and Goldberg on a number of these rides.  Our job is to put together all of the technological nuts and bolts to make it work.  When a ride is done it runs itself.  A push of a button as a prospective buyer enters a private elevator starts it up and when the show is done the system resets for the next tour through.

Reporter Mark Schumacher explains it all in the following video.

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